Leadership Program

The Leadership program engages youth, ages 14-18, in three years of training using a social justice model to increase knowledge of community issues, civics, community organizing, and increase capacity to respond to community needs. Youth are actively engaged in activities to increase public investment in youth development locally and statewide, environmental justice, and improving relations between youth and law enforcement.

  • Through Our Eyes: an innovative project and partnership between Legacy LA and LAPD with the goal of addressing tensions between youth and law enforcement. It aims to improve the perception of law enforcement by building a connection and improving communication between young people living in communities of color that suffer the most criminalization and law enforcement that work in their community.


Student Success Program

The Student Success Program provides after-school mentoring and academic supports for youth from middle school through college as a dropout prevention strategy with the long-term goals of college access and completion. Our model for academic intervention is rooted in the belief that schools, community organizations, and families should work cohesively to ensure the success of our students. Youth are provided with case management, mentoring, tutoring, college and career development, and enrichment activities that support them in overcoming obstacles in their education.

  • 100 College Grads: a key part of our Student Success Program, this initiative will provide a tangible way to create a college-going culture in the Ramona Gardens community. The goal is to track and support youth through college graduation with the goal of reaching 100 college graduations. To date 60 Legacy LA youth are enrolled in college and 9 have attained their college diploma!