Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide programs that build the capacity of our youth to reach their full potential and instill in them the tools to transform their lives and their communities.

Legacy LA believes that personal and community transformation goes hand in hand! We believe that community transformation will only occur if we focus on helping youth living in the Ramona Gardens community reach their full potential. Our vision is long term community change where youth are provided with all of the resources and support needed to achieve their dreams.

What Makes Us Unique

Our approach to youth development is truly community based with over 80% of our staff having grown up in Ramona Gardens or the surrounding neighborhoods. As a result we are in the unique position of having folks from the community inform and shape how we serve the community. Our staff also serve as mentors to our youth. Through this mentorship, youth are inspired to Dream Big and believe in their capacity to achieve those dreams.

Pillars for Youth Success

At Legacy LA, we take a holistic approach to youth development. Our four pillars work in concert to address the needs of our youth and support their positive development. Through these four pillars, youth feel confident in their academic capacity, empowered in their leadership, supported through their mentoring, and inspired by the arts.

Population Served and Community Need

Our target population is Latino, at-risk youth and families living in the Ramona Gardens neighborhood and surrounding communities. Ramona, one of the oldest public housing developments in LA, has approximately 2,050 residents living within 495 units in less than one square mile area. The Ramona Gardens community has a history of gangs and violence. Youth living in Ramona Gardens do not have access to critical resources, have few opportunities for success, and lack positive role models. Poverty, unemployment and lack of education also pose extraordinary challenges for addressing community problems.

In 2008, 30% of families and approximately 36% of residents age 18 and under lived in poverty; unemployment 22%; median household-$23,200 (52% of LA County average), with 23% of household incomes less than $15,000. Over 50% of adults age 25+ have less than a 9th grade education; dropout rates are around 61%.